Whistleblower Form

Whistleblower form

Dear Guest,

You are visiting the web page of Linstow Baltic where you can inform, complain or whistleblow anonymously or in personified way (at your own free choice) on any circumstances, inconsistencies, deficiencies or violations of Linstow Baltic Ethical Guidelines you might have noted in the cooperation process, working or just visiting us.

Whistleblowing is an act of reporting illegal or unethical activities within the organisation, which may include corruption, fraud, or other wrongdoings that goes in contradiction with Linstow Baltic Ethical Guidelines.

Please note that Linstow Group has very strong focus on following its Ethical Guidelines (as published and updated from time to time on Linstow Baltic home page). We have established a strong system of internal controls that help us to continuously follow up, identify and prevent all incompliances. However, in case any of our employees, cooperation partners, stakeholders, visitors or other unrelated parties have noted any incompliances with our Ethical Guidelines, we would highly appreciate you report it to us using the whistleblowing channels that are established and published in our Ethical Guidelines (see the address above), or report it here, in the form provided below.

Kindly note that the information provided by the whistleblower through the form will remain anonymous as our technical solution does not retain any data of the person filling out the form.

Linstow guarantee that will not carry out any reprisals against whistleblowers who report their genuine concerns and who will choose to sign the report and disclose his / her personality. Please also note that whistleblower information (of those chosen to report personally) will remain anonymous all the way. However, if you would like to be informed on the outcome of the reported case, informed on what measures are taken or are planned to be taken, or informed on any other relevant information, you can leave your contact information in the fields provided below.

Sincerely yours,
Linstow Baltic Board of Directors
REPORT on incompliances and whistleblowing
Describe the case that is in your opinion conducted in violation of Linstow Baltic Ethical Guidelines.

Please try to include as precise and as much information as possible for better identification of violation of Linstow Baltic Ethical Guidelines, that in turn will help us to take actions for mitigation of violation and/or preventive measures to avoid such cases to happen in the future.

You can add your contact information at your own free choice in the field provided below (in case you would like to be informed on the measure taken on the mitigation of reported violation)

Write your phone number with country code, or e-mail address, or other relevant contact information. Please note that feedback info will not be provided to anonymous post boxes, or other options with anonymous recipient.

Please be informed that if you have disclosed your personal data in this Report, it will be processed in accordance with Linstow Baltic Privacy policy