Artificial intelligence (AI) generates significant energy savings for Origo Shopping Centre, bringing last year’s energy bills down


After the introduction of R8 Digital Operator Jenny, the human-centric AI solution in 2023, the multifunctional shopping centre Origo managed to reduce its energy costs by €380 000. Moreover, this allowed Origo Shopping Centre to reduce its carbon footprint by curbing CO2 emissions by 29%, or 1 200 tonnes, compared to a year earlier.

Origo’s core business sustainability is vital part of company’s sustainable development strategy, which foresees a number of activities promoting efficient greening of shopping centre’s operations and lower environmental impact.

“Our figures blatantly show that through data-driven artificial intelligence technology we have already improved our energy efficiency indicators, as we intended to. For the second year running, together with R8 Technologies, we have significantly reduced our energy consumption and energy bills. This means that modern contemporary technologies have not only contributed to cost savings but also allowed us to hit the corporate sustainability targets. These innovations have also allowed  Origo Shopping Centre to become a role model for modern retail infrastructure development, which is well integrated into urban environment, contributing to convenient and pleasant environment for both our customers and residents of the surrounding neighbourhood,” explains Juris Lipskis, Technical Director of SIA Linstow Baltic.

Following Origo’s Sustainable Development Strategy, R8 Digital Operator Jenny helped introduce AI solutions at Origo Shopping Centre and Origo One business centre in May of 2022. The aim was to significantly boost energy efficiency and generate energy savings.

AI autonomously monitors and controls the heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems, taking care of the appropriate indoor microclimate and comfortable indoor environment at all times. Introduction of AI technologies in 2023 has allowed Origo Shopping Centre to reduce its electricity consumption by 25%, while heat consumption inside the retail centre has gone down by 40%.

“We are proud to support Origo Shopping Centre’s sustainability pathway and witness the contribution the shopping center is making for the future of our planet. These results show that together, we can make a significant impact. Without a doubt, AI is a powerful tool that allows to enhance the performance of buildings. At the same time, it wouldn’t be possible without the commitment from the Origo Mall technical team who has shown incredible support during the adaption of the data-driven AI into their daily operations and leveraging its capabilities to push the boundaries of sustainability even further,” says Siim Täkker, R8 Technologies Co-Founder and CEO.

Origo’s development strategy defines a variety of initiatives aimed at achievement of global sustainability goals and environmental accessibility, as well as creating comfortable environment for centre’s staff and visitors.

In 2021 Origo Shopping Centre received BREEAM certification, ranking it at the top of all retail malls in the Baltics, whereas after expansion, the new Origo building and Origo One business centre has been awarded the sustainability champion title in Latvia. In 2023 Origo Shopping Centre also constructed a solar panel park on top of its roof as part of its dedicated sustainable development plan. The overall capacity of the solar panel infrastructure is 410kW. Company plans to use the renewable solar energy to generate around 360 MWh of power annually, which equals around 4.5% of shopping centre’s total energy consumption in 2022.