SPORTA 2 quarter

Multifunctional urban development project at Sporta street 2, Riga.

Sporta street 2, Riga
3 ha
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SIA Sporta 2
Commercial premises
Ingrīda Sīpola
Office premises
Evita Kalniņa-Grosberga

At the intersection of the historical centre of Riga and the area that is rapidly growing to be the most modern area of the city, SPORTA 2 quarter offers a dynamic and vibrant environment which fuses its unique historical character with the trends that will shape the future.

At its core, SPORTA 2 is a celebration of the city and street life – easily accessible and open to everyone, the quarter is bustling with life around the clock. It is a place to work and to live in, a place to learn and experience new things, a place where you can have fun and connect with others, in other words – it is a place to be!

Here, the industrial heritage of the quarter becomes the starting point of a modern development, which strives for sustainability in many ways. We make use of the existing and supplement it with the contemporary, creating an environment that is up to BREEAM standards. The walkable and green urban space will be enjoyed by generations to come, serving as a place to strengthen community and build a better future.

Project Director

Andis Kublačovs

Diversified real estate developer and manager

Linstow Baltic has an active ownership role in several major development projects within many different property segments. Among these are offices, health properties, shopping centers, hotels, leisure and parking properties. In the Baltics, Linstow is a major player in the shopping centers, offices and hotel market.