Sustainability in Architecture, Construction and Design in Baltics 2023 award ceremony at business center Origo One

Ilgtspejas konkurss

This September most sustainable buildings and projects met in Linstow Baltic’s developed business center Origo One. We are proud that the international competition “Sustainability in Architecture, Construction, and Design in Baltics 2023″ awards ceremony took place at business center Origo One, recognized as Latvia’s most sustainable building in 2021”. After the ceremony, the guests met in a pleasant atmosphere at s/c Origo restaurant Vapiano, which opens a view of the future city center, encouraging thoughts and ideas for new projects already. The event organized by our long-standing partner, the Building Design and Construction Council, has been ongoing for 11 years, with the last two years encompassing the most valuable buildings and objects not only in Latvia, but also across the Baltic region.

Sustainability is at Linstow Baltic’s core, and we’re committed to fostering it in modern architecture and construction projects. Our efforts to introduce sustainable solutions have been a solid basis for the fact that the extended building of shopping center Origo and business center Origo One was recognized as the most sustainable building in Latvia in 2021.