NĪAA members meeting at Linstow Baltic office space


Wednesday, on 8th of February, it was an honour to host members of the Alliance of Real Estate Developers (NĪAA) and meet Jānis Vaivods, head of the Riga City Council’s Traffic Department, at Linstow Baltic office space. 

NĪAA members, led by Mārtiņš Vanags, Managing Director of NĪAA, held a meeting on several topics of importance to the real estate developers community. The discussion focused on progress in approval of the new Riga City Spatial Plan, the role of private developers in the OECD Housing Fund programme and the state as a lessee in commercial offices, as well as reduce tax for new apartment properties and in case when selling apartment property. After a brief presentation by J. Vaivods on traffic infrastructure development plans in Riga followed discussion about planned future cooperation with NĪAA in solving developers’ problems such as to speed up coordination of “green corridor” projects.